Can we lock a track to avoid accidental edit?


Can someone please let me know if Windows version 2.4.2 can lock a track so we can avoid accidental editing? I checked “Track Control Panel and Vertical Scale” section of help, but couldn’t find any.

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No, but it is considered prudent to export selected tracks and make WAV file backups.

That’s what I have been doing (i.e. save tracks often) in case something happens accidentally.

It would be a nice-to-have feature if Audacity could provide a function to lock tracks like what PowerDirector (a video edit tool) does. Please see screenshot below. Users can click the little lock icon by each track to lock tracks (red) or un-lock them (green).

For example, add a “Lock” button by the existing “Select” button (see screenshot below).
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yeah, it would be great if audacity implements it

I have lost work upon resuming a project that failed to open - found out the hard way many years ago.

What I do now for any new project (either Audacity, Photoshop or desk-top publishing) is make continual saves as you progress. Each save at a particular juncture.

Project name RMS normalise-save-01.aup3
screen grab of settings, save as Project name RMS normalise-save-01.jpg
Project name RMS normalise-save-02.aup3
screen grab of settings, save as Project name RMS normalise-save-02.jpg
Project name Limiter-save-01.aup3
screen grab of settings, save as Project name Limiter-save-01.jpg
Project name Limiter-save-02.aup3
and so on and so forth

Using this methodical approach, you can return at a later date and return to any point if the need arises, particularly with music mixing. Having a screen grab image of the settings on each effect will enable you to quickly retrace your steps after adjustment.

It would be nice if Audacity would have “Save Settings” button on every effect. The only work-around is pressing the prt sc button and pasting into a photo editor.

You can do that by creating a Macro with just that effect in it with the settings you require.

And to make things even easier you can assign a custom shortcut to the Macro you create.


Great idea - many thanks.

Given the type of recording I do (spoken word) and the workflow I use (RMS Normalize, Limiter and Noise Gate) there will always variances between takes due to my respiratory problems.

Found it easier to assign a key stroke to each of the above to invoke the dialogue box and make any tweaks as necessary.