Can not export as mp3 with new update

I recently installed the new update and can not export as an mp3 file. I see the option in the drop down menu, but once it’s saved the file type just says “file” and won’t open in any aplication. Nothing is recognizing it. I’m using the current version of Windows. Please advise, thanks!


I can’t export as mp3, either- like I have been doing for YEARS… It only gives the option to save as a .wav file. I thought the LAME mp3 encoder was built into this version 3.4 update, so why can we only export as a .wav? Please help, thank you!

Same problem. Upgraded to 3.4.0, using Windows 11 Home, getting errors when exporting projects as MP3. Windows Media Player says “The Selected File has an extension (.) that is not recognized by Windows Media Player Legacy,” etc.

Exactly. Glad I’m not the only one. Felt like I was going crazy. Hope it gets fixed soon, I use Audacity for 4 podcasts a week. I realize there are other options, but I really liked what the old version offered. Strange this mp3 issue was overlooked.

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I suspect that the problem that you are experiencing is down to the fact (bug) that Audacity no longer properly supplies the .mp3 file extension when you change the name of the file to be exported.

Try these steps:

  1. import a WAV file or record some audio
  2. File > Export Audio
  3. Change the export Format to be MP3 Files
  4. Observe: offered File Name is: .mp3 - with the .mp3 extension
  5. Export button to export it
  6. Observe you have a proper MP3 file
  7. File > Export Audio
  8. Observe: Format remains as MP3 Files and offered File Name remains as before
  9. change the File Name - but do NOT add the extension
  10. Export button to export the audio
  11. Observe: a file is exported but it is NOT identified as and MP3 file and it carries no extension.

The simple workaound is:
a) add the .mp3 extension manually, or
b) click the Format dropdown and re-select MP3 files

BTW this affects not just MP3 but all the other export formats in the same way. IIRC this is a know bug that Muse is aware of and has logged (I can’t find it fright now - I can look later).

It’s this one
New Export: if no extension is specified, export no longer supplies the appropriate extension #5007


And this afternoon I have been testing the fix for that bug in a developer’s branch test build.

It works fine there and is fully expected to be in the upcoming 3.4.1 maintenance release.


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Thank you! This works great, to change the format to .mp3! I was just so thrown by the total layout being completely different when trying to export a file, I missed this option. And, only having to change the format once to .mp3 is wonderful, that it defaults to that after choosing it only once. I appreciate your reply!

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