Can I Duplicate a Track directly underneath the track being duplicated?

I’m working on a big song with a ton of tracks and trying to work non-destructively (have the original track above a copy where I apply effects). Every time I duplicate a track, it always puts the new one at the bottom of the project, which is tedious to scroll down, drag it up underneath whichever track I was duplicating.

Is there a workaround for this? a Preference I can change? I know it’s not impossible to rearrange the tracks, but it just adds so much unnecessary work and doesn’t seem intuitive. I would think that if I duplicate a track, the duplicate should be directly underneath that track, not defaulting to the bottom of the project.

Any insight would be appreciated, or maybe if enough people take issue, this can be addressed in a future release.

You could set a Keyboard Preference to “Track - Move Focused Track Up”. That might help a little - depending on how much a “ton” is…

I filed this enhancement request a while back:

Rationalizing where new tracks are created to aid usability and consistency #2392

From the thread it looks like Miuse have accepted this as a valid Feature Request - but thus far it has not moved to implementation.


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