Can a content search bar be added to the User's Guide?

Many thanks for providing a powerful user guide. Is it possible to add a search bar to this excellent user guide?

We are are grateful for @waxcylinder’s efforts for the incredible job he continues to do keeping the manual accurate and current. A search engine would be a wonderful addition, but it is not at all likely to happen.

Whenever I want to search for something in the manual, I simply go to my favorite internet search engine and preface the search with “Audacity manual”. It is not likely mere mortals could improve on these search results.

See this “search” page I wrote in the Manual (linked to from the sidebar menu in the Manual):

It offers a couple of workarounds and explains why proper search is not possible.

For me the most powerful and useful tool is the Imagemap on the front page that Bill Wharrie developed some years ago - you click on that image and it takes you to the relevant page - as the manual’s main editor I use this a LOT.


Yes, I had forgotten about using site: “query item”. That is going to yeild better results than my suggestion.

(but it is actually a little much for me to type).

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