Calculating Music

I’m trying to ascertain if Audacity, Excel, Libre Calc or any program will calculate all my music down to seconds and minutes?

Ex. 5,004 mp3 and/or .wav files - how many hours, minutes, seconds does that all add up to?

One - if I have each song in a spreadsheet with its respective time is there a process, program or application?

Two - if all my music is just listed in a folder on my hard drive running Windows 7 - 32bit - how can I import that all into an Excel spreadsheet to then search for all the time of all that music?

Thanks so much.

Winamp does that…

If I select all genres, all albums, and all artists at the bottom of the screen it says “16,322 items [51 Days + 9:45:06]”.

Winamp is no longer being developed/updated, but you can still get it, it still works, and I’m still using it (on Win7 & Win 10).

A little quick searching tells me Windows Media Player should be able to do it, and maybe iTunes too, although you might have to us a spreadsheet with iTunes.

No, iTunes just does it.


I don’t subscribe to iTunes.

Can you pls share a “trusted” link to Wimamp so I can download?

Thank you.

Thanks for the WinAmp link.

There are 5 links to WinAmp downloads - e.g. parched, unpatched

Which link of the 5 would you think would be best to download Winamp?

Thanks again.

I don’t know what the changes are, probably nothing “major”. I have Winamp 5.65 on this Win7 32-bit machine that I’m on right now.

You don’t have to “subscribe” to iTunes. As far as I can remember I’ve never given them a credit card number but I did register because I think you have to register to access their online database, and maybe I had to register to “synch” my iPod to iTunes. Just about the only thing I use iTunes for is to copy songs into my iPod.

DVD Doug,

Which of those 5 links do I click to download?


Try [u]Winamp 5.666 Full (US English version)[/u] (from [u]this page[/u]).

Hi dvdDoug,

Thank you so very much!