c command to play before/after cut

Just loaded 2.1.1 and when I select a section and then type c, it does not play before and after the selection(potential cut). What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

If you hold the Ctrl button and then press the Play button does it play the cut preview?

Note that when you hold the Ctrl button down the Play button icon changes to one with a vertical gap in the green triangle as a visual cue to indicate cut preview.

Cut preview can exhibit slightly odd behavior if the selection is close to the beginning or end of the audio - closer than the settings in Edit>Preferences>Playback, particularly if it’s close to the beginning where it tries to play negative time where there is no audio. I will file this as a minor bug.


It’s a bug in Audacity 2.1.1 which affects some older versions of Windows (including Windows 7).
I think that it has been fixed in the current development code (can you confirm that wc?)

Apparently (I don’t use Windows so I can’t check), to get it working again, record something, then Undo the recording using the Ctrl+Z shortcut. After that the “C” (cut preview) should work correctly for the rest of the Audacity session.

Yup, works fine in the current alpha test builds.

But then it works fine in 2.1.1 and 2.1.0 on my Windows-7 Home Premium 64-bit Tosh laptop too.


Submitted: Bug 1129 – Odd behavior of Cut preview when selection is close to T=0


Probably because you recorded something first? It is broken in 2.1.1 release otherwise.

There are some alternative shortcuts that you can use.


Thanks for the help. Unless I was looking at the wrong Help file, it said to use “c” and not + Play. If the help file is wrong, how do I report the error?

“c” is the default assigned shortcut for Ctrl+Play (Ctrl is not the shortcut - it just is a Play modifier)