Button to change source disapeared

Windows 10 Audacity 3.1.2

Thank you for this fantastic program.
I’ve been using Ardour for a long time for small, personal, non-profit projects.
In version 2, there was a button on the front panel that allowed you to change the recording source with one click.
Since version 3 (I think?) this button no longer exists and you have to go through the Edit/Preference menu (CTRL P) to do this.
Is there a way to have this button again please?
Thanks you in advance

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This is the “Audacity” forum. I guess that you mean “Audacity”, but if you meant “Ardour”, then the Ardour forum is here: https://discourse.ardour.org/

Assuming that you do mean “Audacity”…

The “Device Toolbar”.

The Device Toolbar may be removed in future versions of Audacity, but for now it is still available. You can enable it in “View menu > Toolbars”.

The Device Toolbar has been superseded by the new Audio Setup button
audio setup button.png
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audio_setup_toolbar.html

At first I found myself missing the display of the Device Toolbar but now I’m finding that I actually prefer the Audio Setup button.


I think it depends on usage.
I need to change the device setting quite frequently (depending on what I am doing at the time), so the old “Device Toolbar” is more convenient for me, and allows me to see if I have the correct settings for the current task without having to click on anything.

My preferred toolbar layout:


I too do a lot of device swapping, but your preferred layout would not help me when switching to WASAPI (which I do very regularly) as the input device field is not wide enough to show whether it is loopback or not.


It depends on your toolbar layout, but if you have room, the Device Toolbar can be resized to make more room to display the device names (with my preferred layout I could stretch it to the full width of the Audacity window).

I don’t like having to open a dialog just to check which recording input is currently selected.

Yes. that’s what I used to do

I find myself preferring this.

But having said that I’m glad that (for now at least) the Device Toolbar is still retained, albeit hidden by default.