Burning CD's

I have Audacity 2.0.2 running on Mac OS 10.5.8.

I am trying to convert my vinyl LP’s to CD’s

I have digitised my first one and exported it as Aiff to Finder and burnt a CD. First problem was in editing the tracks. The sequence is not in the numerical order as transcribed from the LP, but alphabetical from the titles of each track, thus shuffling them. This is annoying, but I could live with that. The second problem is more serious. The CD I have produced will only play in the computer. When trying to play through a CD player there is no sound. Help appreciated

Ensure that you create an “audio CD” not a “data CD”.
So called “MP3 CDs” are “data CDs” which contain MP3s.

Data CDs will not play in most stand alone CD players (same for “MP3 Cds”, though a few CD players do support MP3 disks, but most don’t).

Use CD-R and not CD-RW (and not DVD) disks. Most stand alone players only support CD-R.

Also note that some stand alone CD players do not “like” home made CDs and can be very fussy about whether they will play them or not. If you are sure that you are creating an “audio” CD and that you are using a CD-R, try the disk in a different CD player. If it works in other players, you may find that a different brand of CD-R will work. On some CD burning drives, burning the disk at a speed below maximum may improve the quality of the burning, leading to more reliable Cds.

Burn speed, along with the CD format need to be set in your CD writing software.

I label my tracks: 01 <track_name_1>, 02 <track_name_1>, 03 <track_name_1>, etc
that way they appear in the right order for CD burning.

They also stay in the right order for loading into iTunes, all I do then is edit out the "01 ", "02 ", "03 ", etc from the metadata in iTunes.

If all you’re doing is burning CDs you could simply label your tracks as 01, 02, 03, etc. as proper Red-Book standard CDs do not carry metadata.


Most Music CD authoring programs allow you to shuffle the music ad. lib., anyway. So even if the music is out of numerical sequence as computer files, you can put it back in desired sequence just before you burn.


Thank you Steve. I followed the instructions in the Audacity tutorial. They say exactly what you are saying. So I can’t understand why it hasn’t worked.

Thanks “waxcylinder”. That is what I did and that is how they appeared in the Editor, but when they were transferred to Finder for burning, they appeared in label alphabetical order. If I try to re-arrange them into numerical sequence they jump back into alphabetical order.

Thanks Kozikowski. See my reply to ‘waxcylinder’