Bulk down-convert MP3 files?

I know that I can drag 2 or more MP3 files into Audacity and export them with a lower quality setting, but:

  1. Audacity opens each file in a separate window
  2. Even when I do “Export Multiple”, it doesn’t ‘recognize’ that I have a 2nd window open, so I have to do the exact same thing in that window, which kind of defeats the purpose.

I must be missing something. Can someone please help? Thank you.

I would suggest doing this with a Macro - one that you run on files rather than a project.

See this page in the Manual:

and this one:


Try Kabuu Audio Converter orTAudioConverter .

Once you set up your output location and output format, both of these are just “drag, drop, and click” and you can drag-in multiple files to convert.

If you have the lossless original, start with that. Some “damage” accumulates with every generation of lossy compression. You may not hear any difference but it’s best to avoid it if possible.

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