Bugs? Stereo Tracks change to Mono - Not sure how

Windows 10, HP Pavilion laptop, Audacity 3.4.0

Probably me not used to the new system upgrade, but some stereo tracks have switched to mono, used C+Z to backtrack to when it happens, to find out what actions I’ve done to make it happen, but can’t see anything. I’ve about 6 single mono tracks and two stereo tracks that have become two mono tracks. No idea how this has happened.

I’m having to rerecord/mix sections again.

Also, I can Cut a track as per normal C+i but I can’t rejoin using the mouse. Whats happened to this function?
Looking forward to 3.4.1 for bug fixes!

This is a known and logged bug in 3.4.0 which has already been fixed for the impending 3.4.1 maintenance release.


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I updated to 3.4.1 last week and this track separation issue is still occurring… Am I the only one? Is there a way to rejoin the tracks or do I have to start over?

go to the Track Control Panel of the upper one of the pair and click in the name at the top or the little downward-pointing black triangle to get the context menu and select Make Stereo Track


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Are there plans to fix that issue? I know it was addressed in 3.4.1 but I’m still constantly having it occur on that new update.


None of us could reproduce it at all in 3.4.1. Is there anything non-standard about your setup perhaps? Screenshots of how your Audacity looks like might help

I think my setup is pretty standard… I have a Scarlett USB mic & Interface, a Pyle Mixer and windows 10. The only thing unusual about the setup is I’ve designated a lot of shortcut keys… But that’s probably not that unusual.

I’ve noticed it’s happened a couple of times after I record (45-50 minutes with a few cuts) then try to use the noise reduction tool. I don’t often notice it right away so I’m unsure when it actually happens but that’s the trend I’ve noticed.

I’ve attached a screen grab of the latest occurrence, the two sets of tracks should be in stereo. If you need more specifics I can get them.

I love the product and have used it for nearly a decade… I appreciate everyone’s hard work.

UPDATE It just happened again after uploading a new stereo file to the timeline. My timeline is currently at 1 hour and 40 minutes… the file I just added is 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Not sure if those numbers help troubleshoot it.

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