BUG: Silence becomes noise after two normalizations

There is another bug in windows 10,when you create a silence track and normalize it two times.In the second normalization it becomes noise.
The steps are:
1)Create a channel
2)Generate → Silence
3)Effect → Normalize with maximum amplitude in 0.0 (so far everything gows well)
4)Again step 3 (Effect → Normalize with maximum amplitude in 0.0 )
5)Now noise appears without reason in the track

Thank you!

I cannot reproduce this on W10 either with the released 2.3.0 or the alpha test build for the upcoming 2.3.1


You are right, i dont know why but i cannot even reproduce it in my laptop.Maybe I did something else wrong.

Thank you for your reply!

Perhaps you set the track format to 16-bit. If you did that then the first application of Normalize (or any other process) will create a very small amount of noise, which will then be amplified massively when you normalize the second time.

It is highly recommended to always have the track format set to “32-bit float” (the default).