Bug report: Welcome dialog links are broken in Swedish

OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Audacity version: 3.3.3
Language: svenska (Swedish)

When Audacity starts, you get a dialog with a title along the lines of “Welcome to Audacity!”. For Swedish specifically, its content is:

Audacity 3.3.3
Hur man får hjälp
Dessa är våra sätt att ge support:

  • Snabbhjälp
  • Manual
  • Handledningar & Hur-göra
  • Forum - ställ din fråga direkt på Internet.

The first two links are broken:

  • “Snabbhjälp” (Swedish for “quick help”) links to https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/snabbhjälp.html which does not exist
  • “Manual” links to some internal page within the software that also seems to not exist (only the text “hjälp:Huvudsida” shows up)

I think I can see what went wrong here: the Swedish translation has not only translated the titles of the links, but also the destinations, which might not be what’s expected. That’s a common issue with badly designed localisation strings, so if that’s the issue here, I expect Audacity has the same problems in some other languages too.

You will need to report this as a logged issue in Audacity’s GitHub site:

You will need a GitHub account, but these are free.


Oh, is that standard procedure? I went to the Audacity website to try to find out where I should report bugs, and Contact | Audacity ® didn’t say anything about GitHub.

Basically yes - the developers tend not to visit the Forum, so GitHub is the best place to log issues.

I see what you mean.

I don’t have write/edit access on the Audacity website any more. But I can log this so the appropriate folk at Muse cab consider updating that page.


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Thank you!

I’ve opened a GitHub issue now here: Welcome dialog links are broken in Swedish · Issue #4972 · audacity/audacity · GitHub.

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I have logged this issue on a section of GitHub reserved for Support and documentation issues:
Logging bugs information on the Audacity website fails to mention raising an issue on GitHub #40


Thanks for that - I have added a Translation tag to the bug report.


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