Bug: Cannot set locale to language English (Denmark)


When I start Audacity it crashes. It gives this error message:
Cannot set locale to language "English (Denmark)"

If I start it again, just after quitting, it runs without issue, but “recovers” a blank project.

I’ve been living with this for some time, but yesterday I had been doing many projects in Audacity, and had not quit the app. After I’d been away from the computer, Audacity had crashed again, with the same error.

To re-create

I’m not 100 % sure, because the crash only happens, when Audacity has been closed for an unknown amount of time. And apparently when it’s been running in the background for some time.

  • But I assume it can be recreated on MacOS, using setting System Preferences Language & Region to language: English (UK) - Primary, and region: Denmark.

Steps taken to resolve

  • I have tried both the Universal dmg for MacOS and the Arm 64 for Apple Silicon (I am on an M1 Max chip).
  • The problem existed with macOS Ventura, and still exist with macOS Sonoma.
  • In the Audacity preferences, I’ve chosen “language: English”. I cannot find an option to choose a different locale.

You really need to log this on Muse’s GitHub issues log:

You need a GitHub account to do that, but those are free.


Thanks! I’ve spent a lot of time searching for bug reporting for Audacity, but could only find this forum! I’ll post it on Github. When you say “Muse’s GitHub”, it’s just the one you’ve linked, right?

Yes, that’s the one

and I see you’ve already logged it :sunglasses:


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…and now it’s fixed :smiley: I love open source software! :heart:

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