Bring it on home Led Zeppelin

I was wondering what they did to singer Plant’s voice in this song. I’m looking for something similar to use with Audacity in a piece I’m working on.

Unfortunately there is not an effect which anyone sound like Robert Plant
My suggestions to emulate the vocal on that track at 2min 20sec …

  1. Cut off all the frequencies below 200Hz on your vocal with the equalizer.
  2. Apply Audacity’s leveller effect on “heavier” or “heaviest” to add distortion.
  3. Then apply mono (not stereo) reverb, with a decay time of about 1/3 - 1/2 of a second.

Hey thanks! I didn’t think I’d get much. BTW where is that equalizer?

Under the Effect menu - see this page in the Manual:

All the tools that Trebor pointed you at are from the Effect Menu - see:


In addition to what Trebor wrote, it sounds to me that Plant was singing extremely close to the microphone, possibly with his hands cupped around the head of the mic as if playing a harmonica. The voice recording may also have been slowed down, but it is difficult to tell as Plant is capable of vocal sounds that are not possible by mere mortals.

I can just see him doing that!

It does sound like he is singing into a harmonica mic at the start of the track (a bit muffled and too quiet in parts), but the track abruptly changes at 1m44s where I think a different mic (and definitely different reverb setting) is used.

Update [courtesy of YouTube’s slightly-creepy unsolicited “recommeded for you” video suggestions ]

Looks like two different mics are used , one for harmonica one for vocal …
''bring it on home'' live-performance (two mics taped together).jpg