bookmarks moved on me!...?

(using 3.2.1)

Last night I created about 40 very precise bookmarks in a movement of a piano concerto.

I had gotten to the end of the movement, and discovered, to my great displeasure, that a bookmark was not where I had put it… “fixed” it… then another… “fixed” it… which “fixing” it turned out I should not have done, because after 2-3 more I woke up and realized that all my bookmarks (apparently) got shifted!

I recreated a handful of them beside the shifted ones, to see what the offsets were - very close to 0.350s for every one of them - that is, 0.350s “to the left”, marking an instant in the music before the intended (originally bookmarked) instant.

Look for an answer, I came across the topic Time shifting bookmarks, but there did not seem to be an answer there? at least not for my low user level!

Bug in Audacity??? nah… :slight_smile: More likely, I inadvertently (mouse? keyboard?) triggered some feature I have not been aware of…

If that interpretation is correct… all I need to know is, what did I do, how do I avoid such triggering in the future???

In the meantime… since several got “fixed”, and the rest (most of them) didn’t - and in any case, I can’t know the exact offset I presumably caused - trying to reverse that shift probably wouldn’t work for me… meaning that I have to re-do them… ΟΚ!

But what might I have done?

Thanks much!

  • Ken

The best way to keep your labels in sync with your audio is to use Sync-Locking.

Please see:

Editing like cutting and deleting will then move labels in sync with the audio. Using effects that change the length of an audio selection will maintain the sync

BUT be aware that the Paulstretch effect does NOT do so - IIRC this is a known logged bug on GitHub:
See: Paulstretch and Set Rate do not affect Sync-Locked tracks #1606


My only suggestion is that deletion of segments of the audio track has led to the audio being out of sync with the label track. If you haven’t deleted any audio, then ignore me.

I found out the long way round that there are techniques to keep them in sync

The other way, if you don’t want to use sync-locking, is to select in both the audio track(s) and the label track.


… which I only discovered in the last week or so.

For ages before that, I was creating two labels at beginning and end of delete segment, since it was the “only” way to keep them in sync. i.e. the long way round. Not because I didn’t want to use sync-locking, because it seemed it was the only way

Thanks, MusicFan and waxcylinder!

Latest observation: deliberately deleting half a second at the beginning… left all bookmarks where they were, at the proper/intended instants…???

New thoughts, anyone? …continuing to march here…

  • Ken (with music compatriot son Carlton)

…but yet (continuing from last post) making a small deletion just before a bookmark in the middle of the movement did in fact leave that bookmark shifted, and by exactly the same time as the length of the deletion.

But yet (!) without that deletion, the time between the first note of the music and that bookmark (a bookmark shifted by about 0.350s, i.e., one from the original reported problem) is exactly the same as the corresponding time in an unmodified file - i.e., apparently there had been no deletion (like the test deletion reported just above) to cause the problem as originally reported!

??? Those observations seem contradictory?

It would still be nice to understand what had happened… but pending that, I still gotta whip that project into shape - fix all the bookmarks! - for use in our (Daddy and Son’s) monthly new Classical Listening composition this Friday (we’re homeschoolers).