Bluetooth Headset with Audacity in Windows 10?

How to use a Bluetooth Headset with Audacity in Windows 10?
It’s not even seen in the drop down devices, (in the Speakers) in Audacity.

Could this be as simple as restarting Audacity? Audacity checks for new devices when it starts, so if you open things in the wrong order, headphones and microphones may be invisible.

Also see: Transport > Rescan…


Thanks Koz, for your reply.
Restarting hasn’t sensed the BT device, as I too expected.
But BT is sensed in other Win Apps.
Anything to do with MME / WASAPI?
My setting is MME.

I have zero idea. I’m a Mac elf. We need to wait for a Windows elf.


ok. :slight_smile:

Can Windows see your bluetooth device?

Audacity is totally dependent on Windows here and if Windows can’t see it the Audacity won’t see it.