Behringer UMC1820 PC Issue

I need help, I’ve connected my Behringer UMC1820 to my PC and downloaded the most up to date drivers.
When I open Audacity it shows my Interface as an input but it shows it really weird.

It shows:

Line 1&2
Line 3&4
Line 5&6
Line 7&8

I can’t select line 1-8 I can only pick 2 at a time.
I’ve gone through every setting I can think of, I’ve also tried Reaper and other DAW, but it shows up the same way on all.

Any advice?

Can split stereo-pairs into individual mono tracks: split stereo to mono.

I think that Reaper will allow you to select multiple input devices to record from at the same time, so you can record from Line 1&2, AND Line 3&4 AND Line 5&6 AND Line 7&8.

Audacity can’t currently do that, so in Audacity you can only record from Line 1&2, OR Line 3&4 OR Line 5&6 OR Line 7&8.

Now I understand the problem.

Audacity’s competitor OCENaudio will record 8 tracks …

OCENaudio with ASIO4ALL audio driver.png

Does it support recording from multiple devices at the same time? That’s the problem that mxp6732 is running into with Audacity.

I moved on to Reaper which has no problem recording multi track with the Behringer Interface.
I used the other program suggested but it looked odd and didn’t work as I had hoped, Reaper seems better until Audacity can work on PC with Multi.