Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 USB Interface

Last week, I purchased a Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 USB Interface (seen here: I can get the device to record one-off WAV files through the included compter amplifier software, but I would like to record through Audacity (which they include as free-ware on the installation disk). I specifically purchased this product to use with Audacity, as I would like to record through software that features over-dubbing.

I cannot get Audacity to recognize the USB adapter as an acceptable audio input. Any tips/suggestions/etc? I’ve looked on wiki and through some of the older threads here, but cannot find the answer I’m looking for. Thanks so much guys and gals!

  • Chris

Not enough information.

What’s your operating system?
Which version of Audacity?
Does the USB device show up in the Audacity “Audio I/O - Recording Device” list?

First try:
Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O
Select “USB audio device” as the recording device. (or anything that looks like it might be your USB audio device)

If that doesn’t work -

If you’re using Windows, try:

Control Panel → Sound Speech Audio Devices → Sounds and Audio Devices
On the Audio Tab, select the USB device as the default recording device.

Then in Audacity:
Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O
Select “Microsoft Sound Mapper” as the recording device.

Steve, thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the lack of detail.

I’m using Windows XP service pack 2, and Audacity version 1.2.6.

The USB device does not show up on the list. Furthermore, when I go through the control panel prompts as specified below, the USB device is not an option. My only choice is SigmaTel Audio. When I open my device manager, the Behringer USB adapter is clearly displayed, enabled and with up to date drivers. I’m perplexed.

Thanks again.

If all else fails, read the instructions :smiley:

It seems that there are alternative drivers for this device - Generic Windows drivers for “driver-less” USB plug and play, and Low latency USB audio drivers (ASIO).

There’s some additional info. here:*&p_li=&p_topview=1

Do not use the ASIO drivers, Audacity can’t be legally distributed with ASIO support so it won’t work. You want the MME or DirectSound drivers.

Thanks all of you for your help. I actually found the help I needed in an unlikely place - the support website for a different audio interface. What I needed to do (strange but simple) was open up the device manager for the C: drive, disable the usb device, and then remove and reinsert it into the USB port. It then registered in the device manager as an audio device instead of a USB port, and I was able to adjust my settings as specified in Steve’s post again.

I really appreciate the time you guys took to help me out. Best wishes!

  • Chris

I use the UCG102 device on Windows, for me it works with audiacity in this way:

  1. disable the Behringer-Driver in the devicemanager
  2. Now unplug the device and
  3. plug it in again in a different usb-port

after this procedure the UCG102 can be used as a normal non ASIO-Device as mention earlier in this post

Is this advice still current in 2011?

Because my Guitar LInk won’t work. Audacity can see it…

It will be less confusing if we keep replies to your questions in one thread:
(but yes that information should still be correct)