Behringer Guitar Link


Bought a Behringer Guitar Link ( guitar to USB )
Want to record… but neither the control panel and audacity show I have this USB port even available, Its like it doesnt exist.
The strangest thing is that they did see the USB connector, but once I installed the ASIO driver, which I needed to use amplitube ( an amp programm ), it dissapeared… please help

I saw a guy having a similar problem, and he fixed it, but because my lack of english or whatever I didnt understand what he did, maybe someone can undestand, the forum is here →

You never said if you were on Windows. That’s the problem with posting in a general forum.

<<<What I needed to do (strange but simple) was open up the device manager for the C: drive, disable the usb device, and then remove and reinsert it into the USB port. It then registered in the device manager as an audio device instead of a USB port, and I was able to adjust my settings as specified in Steve’s post again.>>>

Guitar Link uses ASIO software to manage it. Audacity doesn’t support ASIO because they keep wanted to be paid for it.

Right Click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager (this could be a little different). Find your USB device and disable it. Unplug the Guitar Link and plug it back in. That should be it. Everything else is settings in Audacity.


a thousand bows

no, wait…
what this did was it indeed identified the guitar link as an audio device therefor it is now selectable in the control panel and audacity, BUT its now as it was before I installed the driver… it doesnt show on amplitube and I can record on audacity now, but I dont hear what Im recording, I cant use effects beforehand and it makes everything useless to me in a different way…

Maybe Its easyer this way - I have the behringer guitar link with the ASIO driver, I want to record, I want to hear what I record when I record it and I want to record multiple tracks on one another… what programms or what in general do I do/

and thanks a lot, your help is really appreciated