batch process / chain / macro = 2 questions

Using Audacity 2.3.2 on Windows 7 Pro.
First question. I’m working with 24/96 files, I’m wanting to amplify about 20 files at once, then export as 24/96, but it’s exporting at 16/96, and I can’t see how to keep it at 24/96, what do I need to do?
Second question. The files I have are 24/96, I’d like to amplify all at once and have a 24/96 set and also have a 16/44.1 set, when I’m wanting to export a set as 16/44.1 how do I select that conversion from 24/96 when I’m writing the script/macro ?
Thanks in advance for any help…

It has been replaced by “Apply Macro”. See:
Audacity calls processing multiple files “batch processing”.

Thanks, just altered my questions in first post, please re-read, thanks!

Please don’t do that, it makes topic threads difficult / impossible for other people to follow (and more difficult for me because I deal with many other topics as well at this one and I loose the thread of what we were talking about).

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Macros do not yet support 24-bit export.

Is there are a way I can convert from 24/96 to 16/44.1 running a macro on a bunch of 20 files?
I don’t want to change anything else, just simply convert 24/96 to 16/44.1 all at once…

The sample rate of exported files is set by the “Project Rate” (see:
You can set the project rate using the “Set Project” command.

The Macro “Export as WAV” command exports as 16-bit WAV.

Probably easier to use dedicated format conversion software or Foobar2000.

Thanks Steve, I don’t have Foobar so probably easier to downconvert batch using macro.

With only 20 files to convert it’d probably be quicker to do it manually in Audacity rather than writing and testing a macro.


But it’s good practice. I’m finding Macros much easier to use now that I’ve used them a bit.
In this specific case, only 2 Macro commands are required, so pretty quick and easy (once you know where to find the required commands).