Auto save projects

Loosing your work is never a good thing. It could be you cant find where you saved it or it will not open again for further work.

Making back-ups has become second nature for many of us, but its easy to get so engrossed in a project, that making regular saves during the session is overlooked.

I would love to see an auto prompt to make regular saves in sequential order in the my docs folder.
Perhaps something like this. Clicking Yes would create a zipped copy. The settings could be included in the preferences dialogue box.

Audacity already has some sort of Autosave in the background that restores your thing in the event of crash:

Also, do I understand this correctly that you want to make auto-backups (new copies of the project) rather than auto-saves (overwriting the current project and saving it to the disk)?

I suspect this “naggogram” would annoy a lot of users - it would certainly annoy me.


I’m absolutely convinced that it would.

We already get complaints about Audacity asking if you want to save if you close a project that has unsaved changes, which is one time that you will definitely lose work if you forget to save. There needs to be a balance between safety and convenience, and imo the balance is about right now (with some users complaining that they want more safety and others complaining that they want less :wink:)

waxcylinder wrote:

I suspect this “naggogram” would annoy a lot of users - it would certainly annoy me.

Steve wrote:

I’m absolutely convinced that it would.

100%, that would be super annoying.
As it is, I get irritated with the pop-up from the spectrum analyzer when the selection
is longer than it’s limit.
Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 2.52.07 PM.png
I understand that it’s important to alert the user, but once only per “session” would be sufficient.
So first time this happens, a popup is OK, thereafter maybe just some kind of warning built into the spectrum window?
Perhaps something like this?

Personally I’d prefer the “10 million samples” limit to be removed, and a progress bar shown when the analysis will take more than a couple of seconds.

That would certainly be better, but can understand if the developers may be reluctant to remove that limit due to the fact
that it then sets the minimum computer requirements higher, in terms of RAM and CPU speed.

No, the minimum computer requirements could remain exactly the same.
Consider Audacity’s equalization effects - they use the exact same FFT code as Plot Spectrum, but they do not have this limitation.

Aha, very interesting, did not know that.
OK, how many beers would it take to get the devs to remove the limit on the spectrum then? :laughing: