Auto save and Auto record

Hi Everyone,

How to set a certain time period where it will auto record and then save?
We’re a small size BPO and trying to use Audacity :slight_smile:

Also just want to add on this, we tried a test call via skype it seems my voice is being recorded but not the other line?


Please see:


Big thanks!

Question: If we setup the Start Date 6:00:00 11/15/2021 and the End Date 11/15/2021 12:00:00 the next day we will need to setup the time record again? right?

Is there a way for auto recording once we have activity on calls?

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Also, when I start recording my calls on skype and other applications, it seems the other line doesn’t recorded.

Is there a way to completely record both end?


That’s because your voice is recorded from your microphone, but the other person isn’t speaking into your microphone.

For Skye there is a commercial app called “Pamela for Skype”
“Zoom” has its own built-in recorder that records all parties.

It’s also possible for you to record your microphone, the other person(s) to record their microphone, then use Audacity to mix the recordings together. This is a more difficult approach, but can potentially give the best sound quality.