AUP3 Crashed when im listening for first time


I made a stereo recording with a audio interface, i saved the project and the next day I opened to listen it, the audacity program crashed and close.
Then I try to open the file but I cant do it anymore, the file size is 3.41 Gb.

Im trying to open it or import it in audacity and other DAWs but I cant do it.

I hope someone can help me!!

Here is the project download link:

Version 1:

Thanks a lot.

What Audacity version are you using?

All of the control and structure information in your project has been lost. However I have been able to extract what appears to be audio from your project. The extract is in the form of a single mono file. It is over 5 hours long. Since your project apparently was in stereo, it will take some doing to iron this out.

I am currently zipping up your extracted file in preparation to upload which will take several hours. I’ll PM you when it is done.

The upload has completed. I have PM’d you the link.

You may find koz’ comments on this thread helpful:


Thanks, I just downloaded the file.

And yes, the original file was in stereo, there’s no way to extract it in stereo?

Hi Jade

I just recover this files, I hope they can help. And thanks for your help