Audiobook - skipping to a particular time code

Hi Im fairly new to Audacity and am recording my first audio book. I have figured out how to insert corrections into the book but am spending ages scrolling along the timeline to get to the particular part of the recording I am trying to get to - can someone advise me on the short cut to getting to a particular spot?



The quickest way to get to an arbitrary position in the audio while playback is stopped, is to left click on the waveform at the desired location.

If that’s not what you are looking for, take a look at this part of the manual:

Many readers Do Something at the mistake so they can find the error later. Clapping is popular. That will produce a high blue wave that’s a snap to find later.

Also, some readers developed the technique of repairing work before they move on. This can be valuable for retaining the reading rhythm and interpretation. There’s a tool for it and any minute now I’m going to remember what we called it.


am recording my first audio book.

Do you know you’ll pass AudioBook technical standards? There’s a common error where someone reads a whole book with unrecoverable errors in it. That’s a rehearsal.

There’s also ways to submit tests to ACX before you read the whole thing.

Post a sound test. It’s 20 seconds.

We can do a first-pass technical and theatrical evaluation.


There’s a tool for it and any minute now I’m going to remember what we called it.

It’s Transport > Recording > Punch and Roll. But it seems to not like mono sound tracks. That’s messy.


Punch and Roll should work on a mono track, provided Audacity is set up correctly to record mono.

It works fine on mono tracks for me

This is me sorting what I did wrong.