Audio timing

my goal: Word highlighting with audio synch makes 1 to 1 correlation critical where every word is recorded and every word has a start and stop time.
I import my text in excel (each word in each row), how to use an excel template to guide the time stamping process??
how to send the excel file for the audio time stamper to use as a guide?
after import my mp3 clip, how to ensure 1 to 1 correlation word and voice?
how to get the text output from the sound software?
thank you

You are wanting us to do this job for you?

Dear Steve,
I don’t want you do something! I’m gonna know how do it myself.
if for such project need an experts?

You will need to describe more clearly what you want to do with Audacity. Your first post reads like a job advertisement rather than a question about using Audacity.
Perhaps the “Sound Finder” effect is what you are looking for:

I want synch word and sound.
I attached a file for example.
how to sync these words with narrator like attached picture.
replaced for word alignment.txt (3.7 KB)