Audio setup toolbar enhancement

Would it be possible to make the Audio setup button trigger the Rescan Audio Devices function when clicked, reassigning and removing the function from the Transport toolbar?
1 no need to think about performing rescan when selecting say a newly powered-up USB mic within an instance of Audacity.
2 takes an irrelevant function out of the Transport toolbar.

I believe that Muse may already be considering this - or possibly moving or adding the Rescan as a menu item in the Audio Setup dropdown menu.


That’s a nice idea, except that re-scanning the audio devices can be quite slow in some cases, and it could become quite annoying if you need to frequently switch between mono and stereo recording and have to wait 10 seconds or more each time.

Yes, it is something they have been considering for quite a while targeting 3.3, but I haven’t seen much activity here for several weeks now: Add Rescan Audio Devices option to audio setup button #3524