Audio Setup and Share Audio buttons now different sizes

reset config does not help

Fine for me on W10 with 3.2.5

And on the latest test builds I have for the upcoming 3.3.0


I changed some of the toolbars around in 3.2.5 (win 11) and now they won’t reset to original size.

View > Toolbars > Reset Toobars

Reset toolbars does not do it either.

How did you do that anyway? :wink:

You can delete audacity.cfg held in the C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\audacity directory (shortcut: “%appdata%\audacity” (I usually just rename the file to audacity-old.cfg).

Just renamed audacity.cfg file and it still has no effect.

Now I have uninstalled Audacity, restarted pc and installed it again. Still no change.!

So I am at a loss. Perhaps @LWinterberg may have some thoughts.

Did you change something with the HiDPI settings in Windows?

No. Within Audacity all I did was move some of the toolbars around. Later I tried to revert to the original layout and noticed the two buttons were different sizes.

Have checked and text size was 134%. Reduced it to 110% and that fixed it. Thank you.

Yeah, these buttons are very sensitive to HiDPI and font scaling and misbehave easily. Setting scaling options to 100% where possible or close to it generally fixes things.

This is technically a bug, but then, the entirety of HiDPI is not very well supported at all. This won’t get fixed in the current UI framework, and won’t be a problem in the one we’re moving towards for Audacity 4.

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