Audio is repeating / looping when Audacity project saved to MP3


NOTE: My audacity has other bugs, which could be part of the issue (Envelope Tool randomly creating envelopes throughout audio)

When I listen to my audacity-edited project, saved as an MP3 on my iphone, it randomly loops the first few seconds of audio so that the speaker repeats a few words (sometimes this happens a couple of times in a row).
Weridly, when I play the same MP3 on my laptop this does not happen; it plays normally.

There were some issues with ‘looping’ randomly happening on some of my audacity files, so not sure if it is linked. Cannot see any ‘looping’ on any of the tracks in the actual Audacity project itself.

The audio I am working on is currently not in the public domain - happy send links to it, which must not be shared, in a private message.

Thanks so much!

What happens if you import the MP3 into a new Audacity project? Can you see or hear the looped sections?

The fact that it plays normally on your laptop points to a problem with the iPhone.

The latest Audacity has fixed the bug where there could be millions of envelope points created in a project.

Hi Bill,

Thank you. I imported the MP3 into a new audacity project and there were no looped sections! This must mean it’s an issue with my iphone I’m guessing!

Also - to use the latest version, when I open all projects that were formally affected by the random additional envelope points is there a chance of me taking the bug across to the new version?


The bug exists in the structure of the project, so my understanding is that opening a damaged project with a newer version of Audacity will not make the extra envelope points go away.

The bug that jademan raised for this issue is still open - in other words it has not been solved.

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