Audio Glitches in Audacity 3.0.0

Having used Audacity on WIndows 10 for a good few years with no issues, I have found that since upgrading to version 3.0.0 recordings now have glitches.

I followed the steps outlined in the FAQ section to help fix an issue like this but I have heard no improvement.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and come up with a solution.

Thanks in advance.

I get no glitches with 3.0.0 (nor with the latest alpha test builds I have for the upcoming 3.0.1)


Hi Timewarp,

Can you be more descriptive of what a “glitch” is and what you did to try an fix it? Maybe you can attach a short copy of “glitched” audio.


Thanks for the replies.

To begin, by glitch I mean an audible brief error in playback very like an error you might hear on a slightly damaged CD but not naturally not repeating as it might on a CD. The glitch appears at random maybe three times in one min of playback.

The interesting thing is if I play the same piece of audio again the “glitchs” appears at different points in the playback and if I save a audio file as mp3 or Wav, there is no glitch. So the issues is a playback only one.

I am guessing the issue is either being caused by another piece of software or is a buffer type issue caused by a wrong setting in Audacity on my pc.

My PC is Windows 10 16GB Ram i5 Processor 64-bit processor.

Before upgrading to Audacity V3 I had tried using Stereo Tools plug in version with Audacity 2.6? The results were disastrous with the sound breaking up completely. I removed Stereo Tools prior to the upgrade but when it glitch issues happened I discovered Stereo Tools was still listed in Effects. I have since done a complete removal of Stereo Tools and restart which leaves me with my current situation.

Perhaps a reset of Audacity to default setting is the solution?

All advice welcome,



What’s that plug-in? Is it a “.ny” plug-in?

That’s possible.
To do a full reset,
1.Exit (close) Audacity
2. Find the hidden folder: *C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\audacity* (where “” is your user name)
3. Delete (or move, or rename) that folder.

When you next start Audacity you should see the “Welcome” screen.

Stereo Tools is an Audio processor used for streaming and FM broadcasts.

It is available as a standalone application and as a plug in. VST? (commercial product: €35.00 to €349.00)