audio driver to be able to record from within PC


i was wondering if anyone knew of any drivers that can be used to reactivate Audacity’s previous functionality of being able to record audio being generated from within the pc?

sadly it looks like we have been knobbled by the music police :frowning:

i use various bits of music software and it is occasionally useful to be able to record what i am working on as i do it (rather than performing a mixdown in a sequencer/DAW)

i have recently changed to a 64bit wndows7 set up, but am seriously wondering whether to ditch it and go back to my XP 32bit where i could use audacity to perform this function


If all else fails consider buying TotalRecorder:

Try as we might we couldn’t get my wife’s newish laptop to record streaming audio - so following a tip from Koz I got her to buy TR - works well. She uses TR for capture and the rest of her workflow is done in Audacity.

But before you give up, have alook at this tutorial from the manual:


If you need to capture what is being played on your PC, use Sound Leech ( It is free and works quite well to capture any sound being sent to the speakers.

cheers guys, will save these for future use…

have managed to mangle the drivers now so all ok :slight_smile: was a windows issue not a RealTek coding burp