Audio critique? It sounds like I'm talking in a box.

Your room reverb is not that bad, I’ve heard a lot worse.
What you’re saying is clear, but there are audible effects from reflections in the room.
The next improvement via processing is dynamic-range-compression.
Compression is going to make any reverb more obvious, so it’s best to minimize it if possible.

Step #1
Bass -6dB Treble +8dB
Step #2
RMS Normalize to -18dB
Step #3
Compress with LevelSpeech2.ny
compression settings used.png
Step #4
RMS Normalize to -18dB, (yes, again).

( Could incorporate all these steps into a Macro to make life easier )

BTW Snowball sensitivity pattern “1” is the best,
pattern “3” (omni) is more likely to pick up reverb from the room.