Audacity wont let me export audio file as Wav Or Mp3

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yes I have antivirus software installed on the computer

Run the anti-virus software and tell it to do a thorough scan and see what it says. It’s not that unusual for Windows to fail because the virus software refused to allow file creation.

It may actually be correct. You’ve been editing a sound file with evil viruses in it.


Yes, this problem appears pretty strange indeed. I really do appreciate the help. But yes, I am the only admin and user. The guest user is turned off. This is my first time using audacity actually.

I will run the antivirus program, it will take a while to do a thorough scan. But I will let you know once it is complete. Thanks again

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Did you get Audacity from here?


yes that’s the website i got it from

If the extended virus scan clears you, then there’s nothing “normal” wrong. The Audacity developers may want to chat with you.

There is a new Audacity version (3.0.3) coming out shortly.


When you are exporting (or saving), do you get the opportunity to enter a filename? There are rules for names. Upper Case Letters, lower case letters and numbers are OK. -Dash- and underscore are the only two valid punctuation marks.

Use ISO dates. Today is 2021-07-02.

You get no error messages at all?

One more Mac-ism.

You downloaded the audacity-macos-3.0.2.dmg file, right? Double click it and it will display an installer graphic.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 09.56.54.png
Drag the Picture to the Applications Picture.

It’s possible to miss this step and be running a Partial Audacity. A Partial install will not be able to access the drives.


The virus scan came back clear it didn’t detect any viruses. When I try to export it doesn’t give me the opportunity to enter a filename at all nothing like that pops up on the screen. And I get no error messages at all. And I did download the audacity-macos-3.0.2.dmg file and did exactly as the installer instructed.

Just checking that we’re all on the same page:

When you select “File menu > Export >”
Are the Export options greyed out?

When you click on “File menu > Export > Export as WAV”
“Absolutely nothing” happens? You don’t see this screen?

When I select File menu > Export > all the export options are there. They are not greyed out. Also when I select File menu > Export > nothing happens at all. I do not see that screen at all

Have you tried resetting Audacity? (“Tools menu > Reset Configuration”)

no, I haven’t. if I do that will it erase the audio I have in there now?

It shouldn’t, but given that there’s something very weird going on, I wouldn’t make any guarantees.

I assume that “Save Project” does nothing as well? If you can save the project first, do so. Otherwise, I think you have nothing to lose because currently there’s no way to get the audio out of Audacity.

I did the reset configuration and tried to export again but still having the same issue. I might just have to try to uninstall/reinstall audacity and see if that works

Re-installing Audacity will not help.

Click on Audacity (menu) > Preferences, then “Directories” in the list on the left. What do you see?

– Bill

hi, I reinstalled it its working now. Thanks for all your help

That should not make any difference. No changes are made to the Audacity application once it is installed. The way to completely reset Audacity is to delete the audacity.cfg file located in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity.

Do you remember where you downloaded Audacity from originally, and where you got the “new” one?

– Bill

Do you remember where you downloaded Audacity from originally,

We covered that up the thread.

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 16.31.17.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 16.37.28.png
Let me read that back to you. Your installation of Audacity has a 50% success rate for no reason we’ve been able to find—and it only happens to your machine.

Don’t do anything critical.


I am having exactly this same issue as well

And you tried reinstalling ?