Audacity wont let me export audio file as Wav Or Mp3

I have an audio file that I edited and now I want to export the file to my desktop but when I click to export as a wav file nothing at all happens, it doesn’t even give me an error message like something is wrong. I also tried to export as an mp3 file instead, and the same issue happens it just doesn’t do anything at all. I am not sure exactly what the issue is. I am using mac os Catalina 10.15.7. Any help would be appreciated

Where exactly are you clicking?

Ensure that there are no other dialog windows open waiting for user input.

I go to file export then I click on export as wav. There are no other dialog windows open

Which version of Audacity are you using? (Look in “Audacity menu > About Audacity”.)

I am using audacity 3.0.2

Very strange. Does everything else appear to work?

Do you get the other export options?

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 07.03.42.png
How long is the show?

Are you working from a cloud drive?


yes, I can playback the audio file fine. I do get the other export options. I Don’t know if this makes a difference but I didn’t actually record the audio in audacity it’s a wav file that I downloaded of a recording of a flowing river that I dragged into audacity from my desktop so I could extend the length of the audio. The length of the audio is now at 1h 01m 16s. I am not working from a cloud drive

Will it let you File > Save Project > Save Backup Project? (give it a simple name).


no, it will not let me save it as backup project when I click that nothing happens.

Desktop > Go (top of screen) > Computer > Macintosh HD (if you changed the name, it’s whatever you changed it to) >

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 8.08.02 AM.png

File > Get Info.

Read Capacity and Available.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 8.11.00 AM.png

It shows the following

Capacity:121.12 GB
Available:52.86 GB

Thanks for hanging with us.

It’s pretty unusual on a Mac, but did you install virus protection software or app?


yes I have antivirus software installed on the computer

This will get more and more out there as we exhaust the possibilities. You may have the Gold Standard of problems. There’s nothing wrong, but it doesn’t work.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Users and Groups

Are you the only user and are you an administrator (Admin)?

Is the “Guest User” turned off?

The above may be different on your machine, but the basics should be there.

Would Audacity let you do production and save your work up until now? Is this the first time you have ever used Audacity?


Dueling Posts

yes I have antivirus software installed on the computer

Run the anti-virus software and tell it to do a thorough scan and see what it says. It’s not that unusual for Windows to fail because the virus software refused to allow file creation.

It may actually be correct. You’ve been editing a sound file with evil viruses in it.


Yes, this problem appears pretty strange indeed. I really do appreciate the help. But yes, I am the only admin and user. The guest user is turned off. This is my first time using audacity actually.

I will run the antivirus program, it will take a while to do a thorough scan. But I will let you know once it is complete. Thanks again

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Did you get Audacity from here?


yes that’s the website i got it from