Audacity won't let me edit anything!!!!!

I am not in any way skilled at coding or anything like that. I use audacity in my music class to cut songs for my students and to avoid having to skip around in medleys and such.

I have an mp3 of a medley that I am trying to cut into individual songs to make the rehearsal process smoother because each class is singing a different song in the medley. When I open the file it plays and it allows me to select a region but it won’t let me do anything to edit except “Phaser” and “WahWah”. I can’t cut, trim, delete, split, etc. Everything shows up gray in the menus except those two.

Almost certainly you are in Pause mode rather than Stop. Press the Orange suare Stop button in the Transport Toolbar.

This is a long-standing issue which has at last been fixed for the upcoming 2.1.3 release.


Thank you! I almost laughed out loud reading that in my staff meeting! I feel dumb :laughing:

No you’re not dumb - it’s us that are dumb for letting this issue linger for so many years now. :wink:

It catches many, many folk out (even me sometimes after 10 years intensive Audacity use) - at the very least we could have helped users by giving an error/warning message when they tried to used commands when in Pause mode - but I think the solution that will come with the upcoming 2.1.3 wil be much better, then Audacity will just ignore/override and unset the Pause and effect the command that ythe user wants to invoke :slight_smile:


Oh and thanks for that nudge Travis - it made me go and check whether I had updated the 2.1.3 Manual for this - and I hadn’t :sunglasses:

But I have now :smiley: