Audacity v3.2.4: Problem With Track Window Size

First the problem, then the history.

I went into Audacity’s Edit > Preferences > Track and checked “Auto-fit track height”.

After some fiddling around I have the Track Window setup like I want. See figure 'Audacity_OK.jpg" below.

The problem is that as soon as I start to record a new project the Track Window looks like figure ‘Audacity_Bad.jpg’ below. It looks like the track data is set for a much larger Track Window.

I pause the recoding then select View > Track Size > Fit to height. Now the Track Window looks like figure ‘Audacity_Fixed.jpg’ below. Now I can continue on with my recording, processing, etc.

Now the history. I ran Audacity v3.0.3 on Windows 7 for about six months and never saw this problem. The Track Window always started with the same size as a previous recoding (i.e. the Track Window always auto-fit itself).

I switched over to Windows 10 about a month ago, still using Audacity v3.0.3, and started seeing this problem. Hmm! So I thought it might be a problem with Audacity v3.0.3 running on Windows 10. I installed Audacity v3.2.4 over the top of v3.0.3 and the Track Window size problem still exists.

I kind of think it’s a Windows 10 problem, but I’m not sure. Anybody have any solutions, suggestions, or questions?


This is a known long=standing bug that I logged many moons ago on Bugzilla before Muse took over the project a couple of years ago:

I subsequently transferred it to Muse’s GitHub issue log in September 2021
Auto-fit track height preference not honored during recording #1743

Sadly, there appears to be no interest in fixing this issue.


Thanks, Peter.

It kind of surprises me that this problem didn’t show up on my Windows 7 machine and Audacity v3.0.3. It only showed up after switching to Windows 10. Go Figure!

It’s a little awkward but I can continue to use the work-around.