Audacity stopped almost all my windows sounds

So windows default sounds work, like errors and clicking but chrome does not work, so does steam so i cant even watch youtube videos, play games or hear any facebook notifications. This happened after i opened audacity, i re installed it, restarted my pc and deleted that (LAME) or (LAMP) driver it asked me to download…

Ive spent 3 hours trying to get it fixed but to no avail nothing has happened, so ive come here and registered to get my fix, thanks !

If you have added a USB audio device, please see:

Yes i have visited that before and did not work, i have a Razer Kraken 7.1 Gaming USB headset

I presume that you have tried rebooting?

Which version of Windows and which version of Audacity (see pink box above).

Assuming that you are using Vista or later, look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and see what is set as the default playback device and check that the playback volume is turned up.

Yes i have tried restarting the system, and the default playback device is my headset:

Are they through your USB headphones?

Yes they are

You’ve still not told us which version of Windows.

Since your sound system is working for some things, then clearly your sound system is working.
Have you checked the playback volume of those applications that are not working (in the Windows volume control)?

Sorry about that, its windows 7 64bit and my volume levels in all applications are to their max.

I rarely use Windows, so you will probably need to wait for one of the Windows guys to come along. The more information that you can provide the better.
Please try as many sound making applications as you can think of (Windows Media Player? Any other media player? Playing an audio CD?) and let us know what works and what doesn’t.

Try changing the default playback device to your speakers - does that work with anything?

  • CD’s do not work

  • Windows media player does not work

  • Setting the speakers to default doesnt play any sound at all

  • Only sounds i recieve are system sounds and steam notifications.

Unplug the USB audio device(s)

Reboot the computer.

Then, do CD’s work, does Windows Media Player work?


Im still in the same situation

Then it’s not Audacity or your USB device that’s causing it - it’s something in Windows that you will need to troubleshoot …


It doesn’t sound like this is anything to do with Audacity Forum. Audacity does not change your system sounds.

Some apps, like Audacity, let you choose their default playback device whatever the Windows default device is. Open Windows Media Player, press ALT on your computer keyboard then choose Tools > Options… . Click the Devices tab, then select Speakers and click “Properties”, Choose the device you want to use for Windows Media Player playback. Then OK all the dialogues and restart Windows Media Player.

According to there may be a bug that “Steam Music” uses the Windows “Default Communication Device” and not the “Default Device”. This may be fixed if you have latest Steam. We don’t know these things, you’ll have to ask on the Valve forums for the latest position.

If that Steam bug is not fixed then you can right-click over your headset > “Set as Default Communications Device” if it is not already set like that. When a device is “Default Communications Device”, applications that cannot change their default playback device will send non-music audio like computer phone calls to that device.


Im guessing that the only fix i can do is to restore my entire system because i cannot find anything that works.

If you have Windows System Restore turned on you can try going back to a “Restore Point” before the problem started.


Ok thanks for that piece of info.