Audacity stop recording always at 1 hour and 29 minutes

Hi Guys,

audacity stops recording always at 1 hour and 29 seconds, no matter what I do.
What is the reason?

Thank you.

Exactly what happens when it “stops”?

Does it start again if you click Record again?

There is a 4GB size limit for WAV files. That’s usually a lot more than an hour but it depends on the resolution and the number of channels. And sometimes the file-size field in the file header will “roll over” showing (and playing) a shorter file than you actually have. i.e. If you are 1 minute over the 4GB limit, you might only get the 1st minute.

Most other formats don’t have “artificial” limits. Audacity project files can be huge and take-up lots of disc space but it’s not (normally) limited to an hour.

What are you recording?

How big is your hard drive and how much room do you have? I need real numbers here, not a “that’s not it” comment.

Do you use network, external, internet, or cloud drives?

Does the problem change if you record the work with your network disconnected?


Can you do anything to change the problem? Have you tried a clean shutdown?

Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. We’re looking for any change, not only the problem vanishes.


Nothing. Just stops and if I push the button after 1 hour and 29 minutes, it starts again and records another batch of 1 hour and 29 minutes. I record in mp3 , free hd space 117GB , 6gb ram.

I record my book reading.

Today I updated to the latest version and I will let know after 1 hour and 29 seconds. :slight_smile:

Still the same problem. I record 1 hour 29 minutes and 14 seconds.

Laptop? What’s the microphone?


I have progress. After I did what you wrote, now when I press the rec button it doesn’t continue. But below is written that I have a disk space for 204 hours.

We have to build your system in our imagination to do servicing and diagnostics. Please answer the questions we post.

Is this a laptop? What is the microphone?


I am using internal mic, windows 10, i3 6th Gen, 6gb ram, SSD 512GB. Yes, and it is laptop.

Fascinating. I was going to condemn your external microphone, but you don’t have one.

Odd that the last time you tried to restart, it failed.

We know that Audacity will stop dead if it stops getting data to record. In general that’s a result of a failure or crash somewhere and doesn’t happen at perfectly timed intervals.

This problem fails one of my personal tests. If I wanted to intentionally create this problem, how would I do it.


Did you try that clean shutdown? Windows sometimes leaves things running in the background when you Shutdown or Restart. Holding Shift while you Shutdown insures that nothing stays running by accident.

When you bring the machine back up, Do Not let anything automatically start.

As before, we’re looking for any change, not just that the problem vanishes.


Has it always done this?

Did you buy the computer for this job, or you’re re-purposing a computer from a different job. What was the different job?

That’s probably not the best idea for a bunch of reasons. Yes, ACX/Audible requires MP3 audiobook submissions, but you can’t easily record and edit in MP3 without creating problems and sound damage.

While we think about this, can you record and submit a sound test?

I’ve said many times you don’t need a bucket of cash to read for audiobooks. Your existing kit may do it.


There is an error in that page. The posting instructions are from the old forum. The new forum lets you post files with the Bar and Up Arrow icon at the top of a text page.


I corrected the page.

The new forum will allow longer postings than the old one.

If you went to this page before I corrected it, you may need to refresh your browser to get the corrections.


This is where you could post how the Clean Shutdown went.


I was reading a book and recording it on Audacity. It was my personal laptop and I did a clean shutdown. It is nothing special, it was my personal project.

Cool. We have to project your circumstances from limited information. When most people say they’re reading audiobooks, it’s for commercial application.

Did stopping after an hour and a half problem go away?

That restart the computer thing is popular because it’s possible for someone to get an application stuck and messing up the computer even though it may have nothing to do with Audacity. It’s even possible to get Audacity stuck running twice. Clean Shutdown clears all those problems out.

Did it clear yours?