Audacity software to be downloaded for HY-2010-TP

The software disk that came with the HY-2010-TP tape to MP3 USB converter is too small to download in my Mac OSX 10.5.8. The instruction manual says to contact for software info. Am I able to download software compatible with a Mac OSX to convert tapes to an MP3 (iTunes) format with the HY-2010-TP? If so, please instruct me how to download the necessary software. Thank you.

That’s a bit cheeky of them. They take your money then refer you to us for support!

Yes there is a version of Audacity available for Mac OS X 10.5.8 (and it’s free).
You can get it here:

To export in MP3 format you will also need to install LAME

Alternatively you could export from Audacity in WAV format (which is higher quality but larger file size). iTunes supports WAV format so for playing in iTunes there is no need to convert. If you wish to use iTunes to put the music onto a portable device (such as an iPod or similar) then iTunes can convert WAV to MP3 or AAC format.

If you’re using iTunes I wouldn’t bother with MP3 and LAME - instead I would opt for Apple’s compression format AAC (which size for size and bit-rate for bitrate is generally reckoned to give better sound than MP3). The only reason you might want MP3 is so you can send stuff to folk who don’t use iTunes (but PCs can run iTunes too - I run it on my PCs to feed my iPod).

Basically you need to export WAVs from Audacity and then use iTunes to convert them to AAC.

This workflow shows the process: