Audacity Projects not saving


I’ve been trying to save projects on audacity, but as soon as I click on the save button, nothing happens.
I’m also trying to open projects. But the following message appears: FAILED TO OPEN DATABASE FILE: (name of file)

Has anyone had a similar issue and/or knows what I can do?

Thanks so much!

Which Audacity version number are you using? (There is no “latest”)

Audacity (upper left) > About Audacity.

Are you using External, USB, Thunderbolt, Network, or Cloud Drives (iCloud) for production? Audacity doesn’t like those very much. You should do all production on your internal drive. You can move things around all you want after Audacity closes.


As koz indicates, most of these issues happen when Audacity tries to access a project (database) over a network drive. It does not work reliably.

The “Failed To Open Database” error can occur if your database is corrupt. First transfer the .aup3 project to a local drive. If the error still occurs, it may be possible to “repair” the project. To do this, follow the steps outlined in the first post here:

My Audacity is 3.2.1.

I was trying to open my files through Google Drive. I’ve saved them to my local drive and it worked.

THANK YOU for your help. I appreciate it!

Thanks for the report. :smiley: