Audacity on Catalina support

Trying to find someone to give an update on where we are with having Audacity fully supported on Mac Catalina is harder than finding an extraterrestrial. Are you still blocked by Apple? Are their real technical issues? Have you lost your password? ETA? Any progress? Everyone still on holidays? For Pete’s sake, give us an update at least every week. Make them up if need be.

It’s working fine on Catalina in our latest 2.4.0 alphas - we cannot just release this immediately as there is other new work and bugs to be fixed first.

But on my QA Macbook Pro with Catalina macOS 10.15.2 - it runs fine (not needing the workaround) as it is now “notarized” properly with Apple.

Your beef really should be with Apple for erecting ever higher proprietary walls - their long-term planning looks to be to exclude any app that does not come from the Apple store.


Is there a way we can be notified when the next version of Audacity compatible with Mac Catalina is released?

I’m running Mac OS 10.15.2, and Audacity My signal path is turntable to a USB Phono Plus audiophile computer interface, which takes the turntable signal, amps it, and turns it into digital for a USB connection to my iMac. All that looks ok but I get zero audio in the iMac from this source. I’ve used this setup successfully before Catalina.

When I play existing audio files already in my Mac or from iCloud, they run fine but Audacity is not in that sort of chain, so at least I know my audio functions ok.

We always announce

a) here on the Forum

b) on our Website:

c) on our Facebook page:

d) and on the independent Audacity Users page:

And BTW it’s currently scheduled still for end-March

Yes, you can follow Audacity on facebook or twitter (links at top of page).

Thanks, but I don’t do any social media!

Just check back here, or the Audacity website, from time to time. The release will be announced on both.

Hello all. Newboy just joined forum.

MacOS X v10.15.3 Catalina. Just downloaded Audacity v2.3.3 :smiley:

Able to load satisfactorily, and run a preprepared .mp3 file (converted from downloaded CD/.aiff via Switch v1-3). Before anyone screams copyright (legitimate comment!), needed to so as to run off an SD card in my car, no CD player there (even worse)!!

Apologies for earlier message, upgrading to 2.3.3 solved the problem so far (for my regular needs, only though), notwithstanding earlier comment about 2.3.0

If I can test anything, please pm me direct in the UK (presume possible?).

I know the world has turned upside down… but any chance the Catalina support update will be coming soon?

Stay safe, folks… just wondering what the new estimate is for this.

Since we (not many of us that is, we are a very small volunteer team) all work remotely scattered around the world on this project and are healthy right now Covid 19 is not having much impact, probably keeps us indoors and online more.

We missed our scheduled date for Release Candidate RC01 (we had a late-logged remaining P1 big to fix but that is done now, just need to be tested) but we are closing in on it. If RC01 goes well and no new serios bugs are found there’s and outside chance that we may still achieve 7th May for vn 2.4.0 (with the Catalina fix).

But even if that slips we are pretty confident that it shouldn’t be by much.

See our timeline plan in the Audacity Wiki: Missing features - Audacity Support