Audacity on 10.13.3

just to let y’all know …

I downloaded High Sierra 10.13.3 onto my Macbook Pro and Audacity seems to run well on that new OS release
a) the released 2.2.1
b) the latest alpha for the upcoming 2.2.2
c) older Audacity versions.


That’s interesting that all Audacity versions worked so well on Sierra and High Sierra for you. I upgraded my Mac to High Sierra and it totally wrecked Audacity…I kept having dropouts in playback and skips during recording. I had to revert back to Yosemite to get things right. I then downloaded 2.2.1 and have been having no problem. Now there is 2.2.2 and I really would like to update my OS to High Sierra but I’m worried 2.2.2 won’t run correctly on it. I can’t find the specs on the Audacity site either!

These days I’m running 2.2.2 and 2.3.0 alphas on High Sierra - originally 10.13.3 and now 10.13.4 - and all seems fine.

Other people also get clicky recordings on Mac - there is an FAQ in the Manual for this:

And we have a long-standing bug report for this:

And when I tested with high quality studio headphones back in February I got no crackling: