Audacity not recognizing AT2020

Sorry Trebor, I’m a little bit lost here.

I did read the information from the link that you provided (portable versions), and I don’t quite understand what to do. I then read another thread…

… and my takeaway was to create a “Portable Settings” folder (I have version 3.2.0 in my c:/Program Files/Audacity folder).

I’ll show you what I did (which is wrong but…).

Then when I attempted to open it, two pop ups came one after the other.
Portable Settings 1.png
Portable Settings 2.png
I also created a “Portable Settings” folder in c:/Program Files (x86)/Audacity.

It wouldn’t even launch (Audacity.exe), so I deleted the Portable Settings folder, and this message popped-up right after…

FFmpeg was configured in Preferences and successfully loaded before, but this time Audacity failed to load it at startup.

You may want to go back to Preferences > Libraries and re-configure it.

It is possible to use Audacity 2 & Audacity 3 on the same computer,
BUT you need to keep them separate, and should not have them open at the same time.

Going by this, is it possible that since they’ve been extracted in separate folders…

  • Program Files (x86) v.2-3-2
  • Program Files v.3-2-1

… and provided that I don’t run both at the same time, that they’ll independent one of another? That everything should be okay anyway?

Also, if I forgot to mention it, I made a “Portable Settings” folder in Program Files and Program Files (x86), perhaps that’s a mistake? Should I only make one “Portable Settings” folder, and if so, under Program Files which stores v.3.2.0 or under Program Files (x86) which stores v.2.3.2.?