Audacity noob needs help with filtering noise

I have a recording where the subject was whispering the entire time so you have to turn up the volume to try and hear what is said, Once you do that you get all kinds of backgroun noise. I have tried noise removal tool within it but I am such a noob when it comes to any type of sound editing I am hoping this community can give me some instructions on what I can do to remove all noise but the whisper

I need to crank it up enough where I can make out the words. Is there any advice you can give me? I do not know anything about what DB’s and settings I can tweak

Thank you in advance for your help

select the required audio and use Effect > Amplify


Using noise reduction and other filters typically won’t make incomprehensible speech pop out from noise. If your wetware (brain), which is better than current computer hardware, cannot make out what is being said it probably still won’t be comprehensible after noise reduction.

The stuff you’ve seen on CSI where a voice is extracted from pure noise is pure fiction.

Standard procedure to make voice recording clearer …

  1. Amplify
  2. Apply noise reduction: (it’s a two step process).
  3. Apply a narrow band pass filter: remove the frequencies below 200Hz and above 6KHz using the equalizer.
    4 Amplify again if necessary.

If you attach a 5-10 seconds of the recording to your next post we could tell you if you are flogging a dead horse, (bear in mind this is a public forum anyone can hear/download from it).

The rule of thumb is that you can suppress sounds that do not change. If you have (minor) microphone hum or maybe air conditioning noises or lighting whine or buzz, those are relatively easy. Anything that stays exactly the same over the course of the show.

Most people, however, consider noise anything they don’t want from airplanes taking off to a MetroBus starting up outside the window – or conversations taking place in the background including TVs being left on. All of these are now permanent performers in your show.

Shooting live sound is a lot more of an adventure than everybody thinks it is. It’s a two part problem. The rescue tools don’t work like everybody thinks they do.


Thanks for all the feedback. I will upload a 10 second snippet and see if I am wasting my time trying to edit it. I do not need it perfect I just need to be able to hear it enough to make sense of it

Do exactly that. Reduce the show to mono (if it’s stereo) and export it as FLAC type of file. That will give us enough to chew on and the quality level we get will be the same quality you have. No MP3 damage. You should be able to get maybe eight to ten seconds in a music file. The system will warn you if the file is too big.


I am in the same position. I have a recording on my phone where I caught my girlfriend messing around. There is some dialog but it is whispers and the room tone is so bad I can’t hear it. I have no editing software and my computer is shot. If I can email the file to someone and get it cleaned up I would be so great full.

I have a recording on my phone where I caught my girlfriend messing around.

No, you probably have bad acoustic cellphone leakage between the earpiece and and microphone as captured on the Sound Recorder APP. We can’t rescue those. Those rescues on the CSI TV show are pure Hollywood.