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I’m finding Audacity difficult to use, more difficult than I had expected. Anyway, where can I find an explanation/description for ALL of the symbols in the menu bar? A specific link would be nice.
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at .png
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at .png

See the blue area over your post?

There’s a link “manual”.

And in the manual, there’s a picture of the interface. If you click on any of the buttons, it takes you to the relevant page.

Some good old-fashioned picture mapping. Better than Youtube vids…

Well, I want to print the symbols, definitions, and descriptions. so that they will be there when I need them. How do I do that?

You go to the page that describes the button and hit command-p on your Mac?

Or am I being dense again?

Thanks, but that’s not good enough. It wastes too much of my time. What I want and need is one display that shows the purpose for all of the icons on one page. That I would print.

The closest I can get is the help tips if you mouse over an icon. Are these enabled in Audacity’s preferences?

Tooltips are enabled by default and nearly all controls have tooltips, so to see what a control does, just hover your mouse pointer over the control.

Due to technical difficulties, there are no tooltips for the track control panel (left end of the track). The controls here are shown on this page:

Also note that tips are shown in the “status bar” (at the bottom of the main window:

Audacity probably has more features than you need, but once you have spent a bit of time with it, you will become familiar with those bits that you need, and it gets much easier. A bit of time spent going through the tutorials that are relevant to what you want to do can be a big help:

If you are repeating your request I want to print an Audacity manual, a COMPLETE manual, I’m afraid that answer is still negative, unless you want to try saving the entire site as a PDF in Adobe Acrobat. The links in the image maps won’t work, as far as I know.


See this page in the Manual:


I don’t see a way to answer each person who has posted something. If there was, I would do so. Anyway, I want to thank whoever sent me the link that shows so much of what I want. I will use it to construct what I wanted in the first place. EVERYTHING on one page. I am just going to print a copy of the complete menu and write in the descriptions on it. I had already printed it once, but I hadn’t realized then that it wasn’t the COMPLETE menu. Now, thanks to whoever it was that sent that link, I’ll be able to build the display that I’ve been looking for.

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waxcylinder sent the link to

Toolbars are not in the Audacity Menu Bar, which is what you asked about.


Well, thanks for that. That’s something that never would have occurred to me. Most sites use REPLY. As to the menu-tool bar issue, to me, the "menu is everything at the top, including the tool bar. However, since others may have your understanding of the issue. I’ll keep it in mind.