Audacity keeps corrupting my projects

Hello everyone, I’ve been suffering from this issue where half my clips suddenly disappear after reopening a saved project. I’m making music where I cut up and remix samples, and what’s happening is that after I save the project as an aup3, then exit audacity, after reopening the project, all of the cut clips are gone, but the original sample is still there. Then, after closing audacity again and reopening the project for the second time, it doesn’t open anymore but instead errors saying “failed to read from a file in C:”
This exact series of events has happened four or five times now in a row, which is very strange because Audacity was working fine the other day.
I’m new to this forum, but I assume I should attach the error message I’ve been getting:

    "timestamp": 1709552272,
    "event_id": "53e64dd03b2a8047ab848f7d7186c01e",
    "platform": "native",
    "release": "audacity@3.4.2",
    "contexts": {
        "os": {
            "type": "os",
            "name": "Windows",
            "version": "10.0.19045"
    "exception": {
        "values": [
                "type": "File_Error",
                "value": "Audacity failed to read from a file in <path>.",
                "mechanism": {
                    "type": "runtime_error",
                    "handled": false,
                    "data": {
                        "sqlite3.rc": "101",
                        "sqlite3.context": "SqliteSampleBlock::Load::step"

So, for whatever reason, it doesn’t look like my projects are corrupting anymore (or atleast, I cant seem to replicate that issue) but my clips still just don’t seem to be saving. Any clips I cut and paste from a sample wont save in the project, but the original clip stays. It’s only specific audios that do this, and I can’t figure out why.
Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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