Audacity is it available for Android mobiles

Audacity is it available for Android mobiles where an Audacity Project file could be used like a backing track? Is there a way one could use Project file created on Adacity and play them on an Android mobile?

No, but you can export a WAV, MP3 or AAC track from Audacity ab=nd play that on your mobile.


Thank you Peter that I know but on a Project file I have all the notes. Example Verses, Bridge, Chorus Instrument patches and all that one could imagine. Wave MP3 etc these are not there.

Hi John,

my understanding is that Audacity as it currently is cannot run on Android because it uses the WXwidgets library which is not supported on Android (or iPhone).

When version 4 of Audacity comes out that may change as it will be suing QT libraries.

But there will be at least another 3.x series 3.5 - and maybe more before V4 arrives.


Thanks any recomendations of othe software that could use the data of Audacity please?

The only software that can use Audacity projects is Audacity.

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