Audacity for Apple Silicon M1 + Icon

Will there be a future possibility that Audacity can be recompiled in order to be native to Apple Silicon M1?

I have always considered it the best sound management app in terms of simplicity, but it would be the TOP if it could one day run natively on Apple Silicon M1 and not via Rosetta 2. Taking it to the Universal app would certainly double its performance and efficiency. .

Furthermore, hopefully also an adaptation of the icon to Big Sur.

As you can see from the preview, it is the only icon that unfortunately clashes with the whole design).
As you can see from the preview, it is the only icon that unfortunately clashes with the whole design.

I hope to be heard.

Best Regards

Yes that’s possible in the future, unless Apple outlaw open source software on Mac.

All the other non Apple apps that I have on my Big Sur Macbook Pro are alos non-compliant with Apple’s new icon design format.
Mac toolbar.png
We are not obliged to slavishly follow Apple’s format - especially not if it corrupts what we have on our Windows version of Audacity :wink: :nerd:


At there is also a ready sketch! :relaxed:


That’s very kind of them …

They’re obviously keen in Cupertino to pull us all into line :unamused:


Can’t you compile Open Source with an Apple ID then be OK and pass MacOS security check?

What is the ETA for a pre-compiled ‘binary’ of Audacity for Apple Silicon?

Audacity 3.1.0 for macOS 10.7 - macOS 12 is available now from the Audacity website:

Isn’t that an ‘intel’ build?

It isn’t made specifically for the M1 chip. It is made for macOS. If you find bugs when running on the M1, please report them so that they can be fixed.

Yeah mate, here’s a bug: it needs Rosetta 2 to run. It’s not M1 Mac native. See screenshot at link.

Not a bug in my opinion mate, though perhaps it could be argued that it’s an Apple bug that they broke compatibility with so much existing software. However, my opinion is not really relevant - if you want to take it up with the current Audacity design team, you could raise the issue on

I really don’t get what the people in Cupertino where thinking.
Not only is a whole bunch of software now incompatible, but some plugins won’t work at all and have to be re-purchased.
Total madness.

I for one, will not be buying a M1 anytime soon.

I think they’re busy building strong walls around the Apple environment to give them maximum control.

I suspect that in times to come you will not be abel to run any software on Macs that is not either supplied directly by them or at least in the Apple Store.


Wow - a lot of obnoxious attitude from a site admin! Good thing I’ve mostly moved off of Audacity after they let themselves be acquired by Muse Group.

Perhaps you could be more specific.

Going back to the original question, the next Audacity release (3.2.0) will run natively on M1 Silicon without Rosetta2.

Is there an ETA?


No, but just yesterday the following was reported,

Audacity 3.2 is well on it’s way in terms of development, this time we’re focusing on effects: VST3 effects, non-destructive effects, and more!
Part of this is a small change to the effects menu: We’re investigating grouping the effects by what they do, so it won’t be endlessly long anymore

Reading between the lines, I would think a March release would be highly unlikely. :slight_smile: