Audacity failed to read from file in C:

I am getting the error that Audacity failed to read from file in C:

I tried downloading a back up version and even re-downloading Audacity, but it’s not working. :sob: This is a 12 hour audiobook file and if you help me fix this, I will love you forever.

File on Dropbox:

Any help much appreciated.
Screenshot 2022-02-01 071248.png


Promises, promises! :smiley:

OK, I am downloading this file and will take a look at it. Note that your project is extremely large and that this process could take an exceeding long time. Not to mention upload time, as you have probably already found out. :wink: That, and with conflicting priorities I have, I may not be able to complete this project in a reasonable amount of time.

Preferably, take a look at this post I just made: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

I am thinking you may be able to repair the project yourself. :smiley:

Please keep me posted. :smiley:

This is a 12 hour audiobook file

Is this for posting to ACX/Audible? Don’t they require individual chapter files?

I believe Findaway Voices has the same or similar requirements as ACX.

You may run into other technical problems as well. It is strongly recommended that you export your work as ordinary, perfect quality WAV files for archive and storage. WAV files do not support 12-hour productions.


You may have a computer problem as well. How much room do you have? Audacity creates UNDO for some edit events by saving a copy of the whole show.

That means if you work in stereo and have two edits, your two hour show will take up nearly 4GB, and it gets worse from there. Nobody makes only two mistakes in two hours.

It’s strongly recommended that you work in mono (one blue wave) and edit in individual chapters.


So you are in luck - it is a very simple fix. I looks as though there was simply a problem with the autosave record. If you follow the instructions that I linked to, you can skip the last four steps - you are done at step 12. :smiley:

BTW, I am uploading the recovered file - but as it is large, it looks like an overnight upload - if all goes well. :wink:

The upload just finished. I have PM’d you the link to the recovered file. :smiley:

hi @jademan

I have the same issue with some music I’m working on,
I would be over the moon if you could help me, I’ve tried following your instructions but can’t seem to get it to work

So I don’t do this anymore. I suppose you could upload your project somewhere, then post a link. Someone might look at it…

Also, if the instructions don’t work, then your project is generally not recoverable.