Audacity ends if I try to open or import a file [SOLVED]

I’ve been working with Audacity since a long time under Windows 7.
Now, after Change to Win 10, I can install Audacity and start it, but as far I try to open or import a file, Audacity ends and vanishes from my screen. This behavior I have with Version 2.3.2 as well as with 2.3.3.
Does anybody has an idea to help me?


Has Audacity ever worked on your Windows 10 machine?
Is your Windows 10 a new computer, or is it the same computer that you had with Windows 7 (updated to Win 10)?
Is it a branded computer, or one that has been built from parts?

Hello Steve,
thanks for your reply.
The computer I’ve built from parts, I have been working with it before with windows 7 and I made an update from W7 to W10. Audacity never before worked since I installed W10.

Are you able to generate a tone (“Generate” menu) and play it?
If you can, try “Exporting” the tone as a WAV file, then see if you can Import it.

I can generate a sine tone.
I am also able to drag and drop a wav-file into the workspace and I can edit it, foe example i can cut 2 pieces from the beginning an at the end.
It is possible to zoom in and out the view, to play the tone, but
as far I try to save or to export a file, I have the same behavior like at the trial to open or import a file. Audacity ends without any comment.

What security software do you have on the computer?

Windows defender and firewall

I assume that you mean Windows firewall.
Neither of those are likely to cause problems with Audacity.

I’m not seeing any obvious explanation for the problem.

The free “WhoCrashed” tool may be able to tell us if there was a kernel error.
It is available from here:
and more information here:

It may also be worth testing the relevant drives.
Drive tests can take a long time to complete, but if you have more than one hard drive in the computer, a quick test would be to see if the problem occurs with both drives.

At what precise point does it crash? Is it when the file dialog opens, or when Audacity actually starts writing to the drive?

it seems to crash in the moment Audacity tries to access the file system.
File-open EX
File-import-audio… EX
File-save project, now comes the warning, pressing OK-button: EX, pressing NO-Button is ok
File-export-export as EX
File export-export audio EX

That’s why I thought it might be a security app closing down Audacity.

Have you noticed any other problems on the computer (anything at all)?
In particular, any problems with File Explorer?

Oh yes,
If I have some file explorer windows and drag 2 of them to the left and right side to fill with each the half screen, some time after doing this all explorer windows crash.
Didn’t find a solution for this “feature” till now.

That’s interesting. On Windows, Audacity’s file browser uses the Windows file browser.
If the File Explorer crash can be fixed, I think there’s a very good chance that it will also fix the Audacity crash.

A quick Google search comes up with lots of possible causes for File Explorer crashing.
One “possible” fix that I noticed is easy to try, is disabling “Quick Access”. Perhaps this is not the most likely culprit, but it’s one of the easiest possible fixes, so I’d suggest trying this first. There’s a “how to” here:

sorry, I haven’t seen that there is a page 2… … and deleted my last post.

Thank you so far, I’ll try now to solve the explorer problem.

Good luck :slight_smile:

for the guys who have the same problem:

I found help at
Fix 1 solved my problem, I hope it will be stable.
After applying Fix 1 the 1st time, I could open a file, but trying to export an MP3, audacity crashed again.
So I deleted the registry entries again. Now it remains stable. I opened and exported some wav files successfully.
Don’t forget to restart each time you deleted the registry entries.

Congratulations, and thanks for posting the solution.
I’ll close this topic as “solved” to make it easier for others to find.