Audacity drivers for Edirol UA-1ex

Hello Forum

I have a new mac pro running High Sierra 10.13.6 but cant get it to recognise my audio interface Edirol UA-1ex. I think I have the correct drivers from Roland, but no luck. The interface refuses to be visible on the drop down menu for input or output. Same for Garageband. The interface is also not visible in the Sounds menu in System Preferences.

All works fine on my old mac pro but this is driving me mad on the new mac. Please help. Lots of hair torn out so far.


Unfortunately it appears that Roland only officially support up to “Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)” with the UA-1EX

If your Mac has both USB2 and USB3 ports, try connecting the UA-1EX to the USB2 port.

I have a UA-1EX and it works fine on both W10 on my PC laptop and on my MacBook Pro with macOS 10.14.2 Mojave - with just the standard USB drivers provided by Microsoft and Apple.

BUT only in non-advanced mode - Edirol/Roland no longer supply updated drives to support Advanced mode as they regard the product as obsolete.


Hello Both

Thank you for your responses. I agree, probably obsolete, so I have upgraded tonight.